A New “About Me”

If you’ve been to this website before you may have noticed a change.  Somewhat recently it was brought to my attention that Jesus didn’t go around complaining about the Roman government despite what he knew about it.  I believe that Jesus DID NOT rise up in arms against the Romans because Rome, like America, had no soul to burn or redeem.  I believe strongly in what I used to teach my clients – that true strength is revealed in CHOOSING SELF CONTROL rather than submitting to the temptation of force.  Those who choose to attempt to force their will on others, organizations, and governments are fools since we know that all forces create equal and opposite reactions.  At a minimum the act will detract from happiness.

I’d like to state for the PERMANENT RECORD that I abhor violence for a multitude of reasons.  One of the worst forms of violence is self-harm and under ZERO circumstance would I ever deliberately harm myself or another.  I believe in doing unto others as I would have done unto me – through love.

The scope of the world I am now concerned with is in the realm of personal individuals and not organizations.  I will not fight, I will not harm, I will not contribute negative energy.  I will love, build, and contribute positivity.

Currently I am VERY excited about spending more time with my family, getting into photography (see below), and celebrating the teachings of Jesus.  I am drug free, healthy, eating healthy, and after a year of focusing on self improvement more excited about learning and life than ever.

Letting the past be just that,