What is this place?!

Welcome, this is my accumulated pile of thoughts, disjointed discoveries, wandering observations, and profound connections.  Let’s just say that there was a certain level of (*ahem!*)… mental filtering…(*cough!*) going on that got me to these levels.  I had already been doing a fair amount of public journaling but censored the writing heavily since it was criticized heavily.  I believe the statement was “reading your work is like listening to someone sleep-talk who’s dreaming about God and the Illuminati.”  He was right.  So now I introduce my work (and believe me it is a work) via. WordPress to the world.  I hear the cosmic drum roll and then crickets.  Most will, no doubt, only laugh, but some will recognize and have great ability to expand on the gnosis discordia.

I’m scanning the works of my journals for the past 6 months or so.  The way I journal is by picking up my book when I feel I have something to write to a random place and just start writing.  Because of that each post is from a specific time but the posts themselves are out of order. Also to be included eventually are various recordings, I’m well known for my urge to document by whatever means possible.  Here we go, enjoy my trip.


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